LAP’s training alongside the best of the best at Lindahl Group, completely sets us apart from our peers and has not only increased our competency but it has also significantly reduced our operational risk.

We are multifamily apartment and commercial property real estate investors, specializing in the acquisition and asset management phases of our investment properties. We purposefully engage in emerging real estate markets across the United States and are always growing our investor relationships as well. Our objectives include strategically purchasing properties that benefit from building and property enhancements (value play options); while carefully analyzing and studying the surrounding buildings statistics. Understanding the growth phases of each market cycle allows us to purchase properties with equity already built in. We carefully improve the building while stabilizing vacancies and rents. We typically hold properties for 3-5 years, but will also consider holding for 7 years or longer, depending upon when in the market cycle we have purchased the property. Enhancing apartment buildings changes tenants living conditions which in turn improves the overall community. At the end of our hold time is when investors shall see significant returns on their investment.

Our team works with integrity, honesty and transparency. We eloquently build power relationships with commercial real estate brokers, commercial lenders, property owners, property managers and investors. Legacy Acquisition Partners was envisioned by Christa and Chris Noriega. The idea to engage and strategize innovative market solutions while enhancing communities urged them to form their company.